PEI Smoked Red Potato Salad
PEI Smoked Red Potato Salad

Courtesy of Chef Jane Crawford from Redwater Rustic Grille, Charlottetown, PEI.

Prep Time & Yield

Serves 6 to 8.

4 lbs Baby Red PEI Potatoes
3 ears Fresh Corn
1 Ruby Red Beet
to taste micro greens and/or fresh herbs
  Cherry Wood Smoking Chips
1 ft x 1 ft Aluminum Foil




1 Cup White Vinegar
1 Apple
3 pieces Crispy Bacon
1.5 Cups Vegetable Oil
1/2 Cup Maple Syrup
1 tsp Kosher Salt
Small bunch Fresh Thyme
3 cloves Garlic



Heat BBQ or hibatchi. Place wood chips in 1ft x 1ft aluminum foil with ½ cup of water and seal edges, then place on BBQ.


Peel baby red potatoes and boil in water for 10 mins. Drain and place on BBQ for 10 mins with the lid down on low heat allowing smoke to permeate the potato. Remove from BBQ and arrange the potatoes in large concave serving plate or dish.


Slice ruby red beet extremely thinly with chef’s knife or on a mandolin. Coat in vegetable oil and roast in oven until crisp. Set beet chips aside to use as garnish.


Husk fresh corn, then cut corn from cob using a sharp chef’s knife.  Sprinkle corn over smoked potatoes. Get your bacon and apple vinaigrette, and using a spoon, drizzle over potatoes and corn. Garnish with beet chips and fresh micro greens or baby herbs.


This salad is excellent as a main course for lunch and is also beautiful for entertaining at a BBQ.


To prepare vinaigrette, simply put all ingredients listed above into a blender and blitz.


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