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Prince Edward Island Potatoes are packaged to meet your requirements.  The most popular packaging size is a 10 pound paper package.  Popular packaging sizes include 5, 10, 20, and 50 pound paper bags and 5, 10, and 20 pound poly bags.

Some packers also package potatoes individually wrapped for baking in the microwave or foil wrapped for baking.

Suggestions for Handling PEI Potatoes

  • Protect from light. Any form of light will turn potatoes green. Greening causes a flavor change. Consumers will not accept green potatoes.
  • Store in a cool environment. Do not refrigerate. Protect from chilling or drafts.
  • Use a First In, First Out rotation.
  • Unwrap stretch wrapped skids, this will allow potatoes to breathe and packages to dry out before they reach the floor.

Merchandising Tips for PEI Potatoes

  • Improve your potato category sales by carrying a complete line of PEI Potatoes.
  • Rotate your stock daily when filling either bagged or bulk displays.
  • Cross promote items into or close proximity to your potato display, such as bacon bits, cheese, low fat yogurt, salsas, sour cream, etc. that will encourage consumers to purchase more.
  • Use nutrition at point of sale, potatoes are a nutrient dense vegetable!
  • Read more tips for enhanced retail marketing of PEI Potatoes here.

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