Side Dishes

For any meal this summer, these baked potatoes are sure to a hit!

Add some OH! to your next Potato Salad with this knock out Canadian inspired dish.

These potato roses are prepared with a Sichuan flavour profile as I think they pair really well with PEI golden potatoes.

Potato Stuffing Recipe

Try our traditional potato stuffing recipe for a delicious addition to your family feast!

PEI Red-Skin Potato Kebabs

A great way to enjoy PEI Potatoes from the BBQ!

Spicy Lemon PEI Potatoes

Makes a great side dish with fish!

PEI Potato Onion Bake

Easy to make, a great accompaniment to poultry or pork dishes!

Roasted PEI Potatoes

No-muss, no fuss...just potatoes!

A cheesy, tasty side dish for an everyday meal or for entertaining guests!

Classic PEI Baked Potato

The classic baked potato!

Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Baked Potato

A long time favourite, full of flavour!

Boiled New PEI Potatoes

Easy intructions for flavourful New PEI Potatoes!

Red Potato Salad

Try this red potato salad recipe with fresh PEI potatoes for a delicious side salad year round.

PEI Potato Mediterranean Salad

A colourful, nutritious salad for summer barbeques or family potlucks!

PEI Hawaiian Potato Salad

Add colour to your potato salad with flavours from a different "island!"

A summer time favourite, great for a barbeque or a family potluck!

PEI Smoked Red Potato Salad

Courtesy of Chef Jane Crawford from Redwater Rustic Grille, Charlottetown, PEI.

Classic Jackson Stuffed Baked Potato

A Bacon and Cheese infused PEI Baked Potato!

A flavourful and attractive way to pair PEI Potatoes with your steak or other grilled meat!

PEI Potato Royale

A fine dining dish that makes a great side of any occasion!

PEI Potatoes with Bacon and Onion

Great for one person or for a side dish to share!

Roasted PEI Potatoes and Peppers

Add roasted peppers, onions and spices to give your roasted PEI potatoes a kick!

PEI Mashed Potatoes

A favorite for everyone, as well as quick and easy to prepare!

PEI Potato and Mushroom Gratin

Use PEI potatoes in our potato mushroom gratin recipe for a delicious and milk-free take on scalloped potatoes!

PEI Potato Soda Bread

A traditional raisin soda bread to accompany a meal or for a unique snack!

PEI Potato Croquettes

Great for dipping, either as an appetizer or on the side!

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