Fries With The Works – PEI Classic Dish Goes High Tech!

(CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – August 29, 2018) “Fries With The Works” has been known by Islanders for over

forty years for its hearty, comfort food appeal. The unique Prince Edward Island Potato Dish includes

four key ingredients: PEI French Fries topped with Gravy, Island Ground Beef and Canned Peas. Many

have enjoyed it at their local restaurants, hockey rinks or take-outs, and now both Islanders and visitors

can take their taste buds on the road by accessing an on-line map that show the locations of over fifty

different restaurants proudly serving this home-grown dish!

The origin of Fries With The Works can be traced back to 1975, to Pat’s Take-Out in Unionvale, PEI. As

legend has it, a worker from a nearby potato warehouse stopped into Pat’s for a bite to eat before

starting his night shift. Upon placing his order for French fries with gravy, owner Pat Pineau added some

extra ingredients to his order in an effort to help the young worker stay full throughout his shift. The

response was positive, and word of the dish spread quick. By the 1980s, Fries With The Works and

variations of Pat’s classic were being served Island wide. Today, nearly every dairy bar and local take-out

across PEI carries a version of the ‘Classic’ Fries with the Works.

In addition to the ‘Classic’ Fries With The Works, new creative variations have emerged. Restaurants

have customized their own versions of Fries With The Works by adding veggies, shredded cheese or

poutine curds. Some even add more protein, including Chicken, Pulled Pork, or Bacon. Whether in its

classic form, or with a creative twist, no PEI summer would be complete without Fries With The Works!

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