Bluefin Tuna Tartare with Fingerling Potato Chips

  • 25 m
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  • 8 - 10 Servings
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- 8 - 10 Servings +


Heat canola oil to 350°F in either a large heavy bottomed pot on the stovetop or use a deep fryer (fill to manufacturer’s specifications). Slice fingerling potatoes lengthwise on a mandoline about the thickness of a dime.

Once oil is hot, fry a few potatoes at a time until golden brown. Remove from oil with a large slotted spoon, transfer to a paper towel lined baking tray. Season with salt and pepper.

In a large bowl combine tuna, mustard, red onion, parsley, capers, lemon and lime zest and juice. Using a large spoon, mix all the ingredients in the bowl while adding olive oil in slowly. Serve tartare with potato chips to garnish.