PEI Potatoes

Growing potatoes isn't just a business on Prince Edward's in our nature!  We have over two hundred years of experience growing high quality potatoes on an island that’s ideally suited to produce the best potatoes you've ever tasted.


Award winning chowder at the 2014 PEI Shellfish Festival!

PEI Potato and Lobster Croquette

PEI Potatoes and Lobster together!

Potatoes and fish...perfect harmony in PEI!

A delectable potato treat from Chef Andrew Smith at Red Shores in Charlottetown!

A fun way to prepare mashed potatoes, whether entertaining or just spicing up a weekday meal!

Bacon. Spuds. Gouda. Oh @chef_ilona -- you've made us hungry!
Did you know #potatoes aid in digestion and are anti-inflamatory? Well by the power of twitter... you now do! #TaterKnowledge
Here's a behind-the-scenes look from @RolloBayPotato at the journey of their spuds once they leave our red dirt >>
There are some days you just wake up craving #poutine. And we're sorry (not sorry) we just made you crave it too. ;)
Tuesday Tater Tip: Add some freshly grated parmesan cheese and a bit of garlic powder to your mashed potatoes for some yummy zing!
Tuesday Tater Tip: Try mixing some cooked #cauliflower into your mashed #potatoes - double up on the veggies and we taste great together!
Tuesday Tater Tip: If you have #LactosIntolerance, for mashed potatoes substitute dairy for chicken broth! Adds a yummy flavour!
Outrageously Delicious is one way to catch our tater attention!